Research Papers

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16. Szlenk and weak* dentability indices of C(K), (2016), to appear in Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications.

15. On the geometry of the countably branching diamond graphs, (with F. Baudier, S. J. Dilworth, D. Kutzarova, N. L. Randrianarivony, Th. Schlumprecht, S. Zhang), (2016), preprint.

14. The Szlenk index of C(K,X), (2016), to appear in Journal of Functional Analysis.

13. Metrical characterizations of super weakly compact operators, (with S.J. Dilworth), (2016), submitted.

12. On a generalization of Bourgain’s tree index, (with K. Beanland), to appear in Houston J. Math.

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4. Arbitrarily distortable Banach spaces of higher order, (with K. Beanland and P. Motakis), to appear in the Israel Journal of Mathematics

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